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DBT Resources

Greenlake Therapy Group

I am a co-founder of Greenlake Therapy Group (GTG). GTG is comprised of a group of clinicians that strive to bring the most effective, compassionate delivery of DBT and evidence based treatments. GTG has several expert and licensed DBT providers and also has a training clinic for therapists and social work students who are interested in DBT training.


DBT resources for friends and family

Harborview Mental Health offers a 12 week program for friends and family. This group will teach you some of the DBT skills to help you become more effective in linteracting with your loved one who struggles with emotion regulation difficulties. For more information contact Penni Brinkerhoff at



Full DBT Programs

Greenlake Therapy Group

Harborview Mental Health 


Sound DBT 


EBTCS Seattle


Other resources and links
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